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A B2B SaaS platform designed for SMB gym businesses.

Why Choose Frogshop

A unique platform built for gyms


Instead of traveling/cyber-surfing to buy your workout supplements, why not have it ready for pickup or have it delivered to you from your gym every month at a fixed price?



Create your own workout box filled with supplements that mirror your body goals with our “Fit-List” basket.



Buy supplements directly from your local gym with our mobile app. We are the “go-to” marketplace for gym members nationwide.



Get your supplements right to your doorstep with our same-day shipping policy. Simply order your customized fitness box with the single click of a button.

A SaaS platform

How We Help SMB Gyms

The Internet doesn’t have to be the enemy of brick-and-mortar business. The two can coexist in peace and harmony. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce FROGSHOP, the first-and-only software designed just for gyms.

FROGSHOP is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed specifically for small to medium-sized gym businesses giving them the ability to distribute and sell supplements and other means of carried retail directly to its members. Our family of software applications gives gym owners the ability to meld online shopping and in-gym experiences for their members. While it’s easy to be an e-commerce-only business, shoppers and retailers alike consistently find that a personalized relationship with a store or brand, along with an in-person experience, will breed customer loyalty and encourage greater spending. Here’s where our technology marries both worlds…

One of our premier applications, the merchant portal (specifically tailored for the management of the small business owner) allows gyms to:

  • Monitor their operations in “real-time”
  • Study the purchasing behaviors of their members
  • Learn which products in their inventory have the most demand
  • Streamline their logistical process

The user-case for members is they can receive supplements directly from your gym with ease & trusted professional opinion (i.e. personal trainers) instead of buying from a vendor or a website with biased opinion (reviews) from the general public.

A core problem most if not all gyms have is they lack digital technology in their form of operations, electing to remain stagnant in the brick-and-mortar space. Most loose tremendous revenues when it comes to the competition and utter dominance of online marketplaces.

Therefore, we aim to keep SMB gym businesses competitive in the fitness retail space with e-commerce technology. If you’re a small or local gym, you don’t want to be left behind as the larger franchises put big budgets toward merging the online-instore divide. Give us a try 🙂

Welcome to FROGSHOP!

Coolest features of the App

Start saving more & getting more using FROGSHOP
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    Slide Menu

    Quick-and-easy user navigation.

  • Shopping Basket

    Shopping Basket

    Fill your basket with multiple items useful for your workout experience.

  • Item Details

    Item Details

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  • Shipping


    Let us make it easier for you and deliver it right to your front doorstep.

  • Payment


    Pay for your items with just one single click!

  • Settings


    Customize your notifications with simple navigation.

  • Purchases


    See your most recent or past history of purchases made here!

Key Industry Statistics

Over the past five years, the Online Vitamin and Supplement Sales industry has performed well due to the steadily increasing popularity of industry products. Rising healthcare expenses have encouraged more consumers to purchase dietary supplements to help prevent or alleviate common health complications (IBISWorld Industry Research, 2017).

  • 7,100,000,000

    Total Industry Revenue
  • 12.0

    Current Annual Growth (2011-2016)
  • 8.9

    Projected Annual Growth (2016 - 2021)
  • 437,000,000

    Industry Wages
  • 1,187

    Number of Businesses
  • 402,000,000

    Industry Profit


FROGSHOP will be the fitness app of the future.

FROGSHOP will be a game-changing agent in how retail is operated in the fitness industry.

I'm excited to see the level of disruption FROGSHOP will cause to the supplement industry. We've been waiting for an app that we can claim as our own.

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Dmitriy Tyutyunik

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